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I revealed Myself to those who did not ask for Me; I was found by those who did not seek Me. To a nation that did not call on My name, I said, "Here am I, here am I."  
-Isaiah 65:1



Prayer Requests

There is no Biblical literature available in the Wolof language.  Just one version of the Bible is available in the language. Please pray that readable versions of the Bible as well as Christian Wolof literature will become available so that the Wolof will be exposed to and better understand the Word of God.

          The literacy rate is very high among Wolof people.  Pray for their education so that they may be able to read and be better equipped for their search for Truth.

          There are few Christians in Wolof society, primarily because Islam and Wolof culture are very tightly intertwined.  This makes it very difficult for a Wolof to live his/her Christian life without emotional and/or physical consequences.  Many times, sons and daughters are disowned or one’s spouse will divorce him/her, often meaning that the Christian will also be separated from his/her children.  Pray for the blessing of those Wolof Christians who are in these circumstances and that Christ will show Himself through these Christians, ultimately giving honor to our Father and drawing others to Him.

          There are several missionary groups around the city of Dakar, where the majority of the Wolof live.  Even though these missionaries are trained to speak Wolof, living in a country where the culture is in ways, still foreign, it is often difficult to adjust to their ways of living.  Pray that the Lord will help these missionaries to adapt to what the land has to provide them and that He will give them His peace as they follow His guidance so far from their homeland.

Missionaries are vulnerable when in a land that is unfamiliar to them. Pray that the Lord will protect them from harm.

There are many cultural barriers that missionaries struggle to understand and tear down.  Pray that these missionaries will, through Christ, come to understand and love the Wolof as only He can and that through His love, others will be drawn to Him.

Pray that God will send messengers to help spread Jesus’ Gospel to the Wolof in Senegal and other parts of the world.

Pray for continuing unity among the various mission groups working with the Wolof.

Pray that God will bless the agriculture in West Africa so that the crops necessary for people’s existence and livelihood will be plenteous.

Pray that those working with the Wolof will wholeheartedly and patiently trust God for the fruition of their labor.

Pray for religious leaders among the Wolof, that they will come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior and that they will in turn, influence and direct others to Christ.

Pray for A, a young Wolof lady who, because of her faith in Christ, has suffered both emotionally and physically, having been beaten in the past and separated from her former husband and children for several years.  Pray that A will continue to experience strength and peace from her Lord and that the Lord, through His love shown to all involved in this situation, will draw people to Himself.

Pray for M, a young Christian lady who is not Wolof, but who knows the language and has close Wolof friends.  Pray that the Lord will mightily use her to lead others to Christ.

Pray for O, a believer who has been struggling with how he should tell his family about his faith without tearing down family ties.  Please pray that the Lord will give him wisdom in this situation and that he’ll have the strength and courage to obey what the Lord has him to do.  Pray also for his family, that they will come to know Christ and that they will guide others to Him as well.

There is a sports/English ministry program that is being planned that will use Americans to teach Senegalese high school students English and particular sports.  Pray for God’s guidance and blessing upon this program and that through it, valuable relationships will be built and ultimately, that these high school students will come to know Christ.

“Bakkan jamm lay laaj” is a Wolof proverb, which translates to ”The soul aspires only to Peace”.  Finding peace in life is important to all peoples, including the Wolof.  Pray that the Wolof will find the true source of peace, Jesus Christ.

There is hostility between people groups of West Africa.  Pray for the dissolving of this hostility as well as the associated tension and dangers.

Pray for the 30% of Senegalese at or below poverty level and struggle with meeting their daily needs.

The economic situation and lack of employment have forced many Senegalese to search for non-traditional and odd jobs where available.  Please be in prayer for their well being.

Pray that any preconceived ideas that certain Wolof may have about Christianity may be dissolved and that the Holy Spirit would convict them of the truth about Christ.

The JESUS film is a portrayal of the life of Christ made available in Wolof on both audio and videocassettes. Pray for the effectiveness of the JESUS film and other evangelistic tools among the Wolof.

Pray for open doors for the gospel to be preached in this predominantly Muslim culture.

          Ask the Lord to give the Wolof believers opportunities to share the love of Christ with their own people.

 Pray that media channels would be opened up to believers to share God’s Word to the Wolof.

        Please remember to pray for the Wolof on their Muslim holiday, Tamkharit. Tamkharit marks the beginning of the New Year on the Muslim calendar and falls on the 9th day of the first Moslim month. The celebration starts at sunset when a special meal has been prepared: usually couscous with chicken, beef or lamb. At the end of the meal, when only couscous is left, milk is poured over the grains and eaten. A piece of meat saved from Tabaski is also served since it is said to bring good luck. Everyone eats as much as he can and invites less fortunate individuals to share, for no one must go hungry on this night so that a prosperous year may be ensured. After the meal everyone makes a wish while dropping the couscous bowl. A verse from the Koran is recited 1,111 times to ensure forgiveness of one's sins. 

Please remember to pray for the Wolof people on their Muslim holiday, Gamou. Gamou, also called Maouloud, celebrates Mohammed's birthday and is celebrated on the eleventh day of the third Muslim month.

Please remember to pray for the Wolof on their Muslim holiday of Korite. On Korite,  Muslims of Senegal welcome the end of Ramadan with a great celebration. The holiday takes place the morning after the sighting of the new moon.

          Please remember to pray for the Wolof on their Muslim holiday, Tabaski.  Tabaski is celebrated in honor of the sacrifice Abraham was willing to make in fulfillment of God's will. Two months and 10 days after Korite marks the time of this feast. Tabaski is a very important holiday in Senegal; the head of the family often saves up for months in order to afford a ram to be sacrificed. After morning prayers at the mosque the head of the family slaughters the ram by slitting its throat and letting the blood drain into a hole in the earth. After he skins it and divides it among neighbours and family he is offered the grilled liver. With the remaining meat the women prepare a big feast. Everyone tries to obtain new clothes for this holiday. Moslems who are able, make their pilgrimage to Mecca at this time to coincide with this feast.

          Please remember to pray for the Wolof during the festival of The "Magal" of Touba. This day commemorates the return of the "saint" Amadou Bamba from exile and is marked by a mass assembly of the faithful (approximately one million) at the tomb of Bamba. This is an occasion for the Khalife General (grand marabout who is the present head of the brotherhood) to exhort the faithful, and for the faithful to touch the very ground where Bamba walked. Most of the transport in Senegal is requisitioned for this immense prayer gathering leaving the streets of Dakar virtually deserted. Today, even brotherhood members from Europe and the US come to Touba for the Magal.

          Please remember Sai Doo, a Wolof electrical engineering student.  Pray that the Lord will bless him, enabling him to perform well on his final tests.  Also, pray that the Lord will continue to guide him in the area of employment upon graduating.

          Pray for the churches in and around Dakar, Senegal.  They are few in number and some of the few that exist lack financial support and a place of their own to worship in.

          Pray that God will bless the ministry of the Christian churches toward the local Wolof population.

          Pray for the pastors and leaders of the local churches, that they will be strengthened and upheld by the Lord daily in their respective ministries to their churches and communities.  Pray for their guidance and that the Lord will speak through them mightily when as they deliver their messages to their respective congregations.

          The Wolof people believe strongly in dreams.  Ask the Lord to use this for His glory, that He would put dreams in their minds, and a longing in their hearts for Him.     

          Pray that the shackles of spiritual bondage to this folk Islam will be broken, and the Wolof will be free to follow Jesus Christ.

         Many Wolof have been told about Jesus Christ, and they even believe that what they hear is true.  Yet they continue to lack the faith to accept this truth for themselves.  Please pray that God will increase their faith in Him.

         Ask the Lord to keep the country of Senegal open to the gospel.  If it becomes an Islamic State, it will become increasingly difficult for Christians to share the gospel with the Wolof.

         Many Wolof have heard the gospel through a method of Bible teaching called storying. The Holy Spirit has used this in his work in their lives and many have responded, accepting Christ as their Savior and Lord.